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Campbell County Youth Beekeeping Program

This program is sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension-Campbell County and made possible by a grant from Georgia-Pacific Brookneal and the generous educational support of The Piedmont Beekeepers Association.

No more applications being accepted for Fall 2017 class.

All classes will meet at: Campbell County Extension Office / Agricultural Building 163 Kabler Lane Rustburg, Virginia 24588 Phone:434-332-9538

Class contacts: Cherie M. Roberts cmrober@vt.edu (434)332-9538

                                   Mark Smith piedmontbeekeepers@outlook.com (434) 258-7048

                                  Ann Zudekoff, Education Instructor annbeezee@gmail.com (434) 660-6063


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CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- Kids in Campbell County are getting the chance to get a little more hands-on with sustainability. Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Georgia Pacific, kids of any age will get to tend to their very own honey bee hive. Employees from the Brookneal branch of the business presented the check to the Campbell County Extension Office on Wednesday. Georgia Pacific said it's a win for everyone. "We've noticed there's been a decline in bees and we are just trying to find something in the community that would benefit the area," said Josh Pritt with the Brookneal Branch of Georgia Pacific. They hope this will help bring up that declining honey bee population, but kids can get their own garden instead if they'd prefer. They do have to apply. Organizers say they're considering having an essay contest to see which kids will be selected. If you're interested, call the Campbell County Extension Office at (434) 332-9538.