Piedmont Beekeepers Association
Serving the Greater Lynchburg, Virginia area and surrounding counties
Dadant Ranger.jpg

Club Honey Extractor

The Piedmont Beekeepers Association has purchased a Dadant Ranger 6-frame manual crank extractor with metal stand for rental to its active members with dues current. The cost is $15 for a 48 hour period, with a $25 refundable deposit if the extractor is returned clean and undamaged. Members will be required to sign a rental agreement prior to using the extractor. The extractor will accept 6 shallow or medium supers radially (frames are positioned like the spokes on a bicycle), or 3 deep frames tangentially (frames are positioned flat along the side of the extraction and must be rotated to extract the honey from both sides). Included with the extractor rental is a 5 gallon honey bucket with gate, Dadant 600 coarse and 400 medium micron coarse bucket filter. If you are an active member of the club and are interested in renting the extractor, please contact Mark Smith (see club contact information on this website).