Piedmont Beekeepers Association
Serving the Greater Lynchburg, Virginia area and surrounding counties

Equipment and Beekeeping Supplies

Please note, according to Virginia Bee Law (see below)

§ 3.2-4407. Certificate of health to accompany bill of sale.

No bees on combs, hives, used beekeeping equipment with combs, or appliances may be offered for sale without a certificate of health prepared by the State Apiarist for each specifically identifiable item. The certificate of health must accompany each bill of sale.

** Items listed above that are for sale need to have a current certificate of health before requesting to be listed for sale. Our local VDACS Apiary Inspection is Jessica Driver 434-710-1945.


Mite-Away Quick Strips (MAQs) - If you're hesitant to treat for Varroa and don't want to put chemicals in your hives, MAQ's are for you. It's a completely organic product, (formic acid, naturally occurring in beehives). One seven day treatment can be applied during honey flow, or with supers on. One Packet of 2 strips will treat one hive. $4.00 per packet. Contact Ann Zudekoff at 434-660-6063 or annbeezee@gmail.com

Dadant Uncapping tub, 5 gallon double bucket strainer set up, 5-6 shallow supers with frames (needs clean up), 5 gallon sugar syrup or honey containers (2 have honey gates), 6-7 wood bound queen excluders. All equipment is being sold for a former member. Contact Mark Smith at 434-258-7048 for prices.


Want to sell something?

If you are a member of the Piedmont Beekeepers Association and want to sell some of your product, please email us at piedmontbeekeepers@outlook.com with  what you're selling, contact information, and other pertinent information. No commercial advertisements. Subject to approval.