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Helpful Beekeeping Books and Magazines

This is a starter list of recommended reads for beekeeping books and monthly publications that are helpful for any level beekeeper.


1. Kim Flottum - The Backyard Beekeeper & Better Bee Keeping
2.Michael Bush - The Practical Beekeeper
3.Keith Delaplane - First Lessons in Beekeeping
4.Dadant - The Hive and the Honey Bee
5. Dewey Carson & Lawrence John Connor - Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping
6. Tom Seeley - Wisdom of the Hive & Honey Bee Democracy & Following the Wild Bees
7. DK.com - The Bee Book

8. Lawrence John Connor - Bee-Essentials: A Field Guide & Queen Rearing Essentials



1. American Bee Journal

2. Bee Culture