Piedmont Beekeepers Association
Serving the Greater Lynchburg, Virginia area and surrounding counties
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VDACS Services, Inspections, Pesticide info

Information for club members regarding Virginia State Apiary inspections, honey house inspections, pesticides, or possible beehive pesticide poisoning

VDACS (Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services):

Office of Plant Industries - Apiary inspections for sales and disease issues, Bee Hive Grant program, and the laws and regulations of Virginia.

  • Keith Tignor, State Apiarist - (804)786-3515 Keith.Tignor@vdacs.virginia.gov
  • Jessica Driver, Apiary Inspector - Cell (434)710-1945, Office (276)228-5501 Jessica.Driver@vdacs.virginia.gov

Office of Pesticides - Information on pesticides and investigates possible beehive pesticide poisoning

  • Barbara Elliotte - (804)371-6560 Barbara.Elliotte@vdacs.virginia.gov

Office of Dairy and Foods - Honey house inspections and honey labeling laws

  • Lisa Ramsey, Food Safety Regional Manager - Office (540)562-3644 Lisa.Ramsey@vdacs.virginia.gov