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Virginia Pollinator Protection Plan-Best Management practices: Beekeeper

For more information on the Virginia Pollinator Protection Plan, please visit http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/plant-industry-services-pollinator-protection-plan.shtml

 Pollinator Protection Plan - Best Management Practices: Beekeeper

1. Inform neighbors of location of hives and request notification prior to pesticide application based on the following table:

Size of Property Lots (acres)        Distance from Hive

   10+                           1 mile

                               1-10                         Abutting properties

          <1                           100 yards

2. Ensure bee health by practicing proper hive management to maintain populous colonies that are less susceptible to impact from pesticide exposure. See Appendix B: Guidelines for Protecting Pollinators.

3. Establish apiaries in areas where there is a reduced risk of potential pesticide exposure to managed pollinators, and offers the following characteristics: a. Access to adequate forage and water b. Offers vegetative barrier c. Avoids low lying areas

4. Be familiar with commonly used insecticides and other pesticides that may be harmful to honey bees: https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/publications/E-53.pdf.

5. Develop a plan for relocating hives for 48 to 72 hours, if practical, when a pesticide application is scheduled. If unable to move bees, cover with netting or cloth material or otherwise restrict the flight of bees to prevent exposure to the pesticide while providing water to prevent overheating.

6. Provide a visual indicator at the hive location.

7. Identify hive locations using online communication tools provided by VDACS.

8. Provide contact information to the landowner, including name and telephone number, for any apiary located on property not owned by the beekeeper.

9. Report suspected pesticide related bee losses to VDACS Office of Pesticide Services, Richmond Office at (804) 371-6560 or barbara.elliotte@vdacs.virginia.gov.